The BodyBag – A Personal Wellness Tip…

Times are tough

This post is actually a note I sent to all of my Relentless Safety subscribers shortly after Christmas. With 2020 being the shitshow it is, I figured there were probably a few more people that could use this sage advice given to me by one of my closest freinds.

Just think. If you had already subscribed, you would have had this months ago 😉

Throw your S#!t in a ditch on the way home!

Don’t litter though. Litterbugs aren’t cool.

That tagline above refers to a piece of advice my good friend Jason Lucas (creator of the #socialmediasafetyminute and co-host of the Safety Justice League Podcast) gave me one morning. He and I chat regularly about business, but the conversation we had that day was geared more toward supporting each other. I won’t bore you with the details, but I’d been struggling with a few stressful situations at work. Jason patiently listened, offered a few similar examples from his own experience, and then he challenged me to do something about it.

He told me to imagine all of the crap I was dealing with as tangible things I could pack into a duffel bag. On my way home that night, he instructed, I was to find a landmark that I drive past every day on my way to and from work and toss the duffel bag out the window. I would then pick it up on my way in the next morning.

While that might seem like a silly exercise on the surface, I’d encourage each of you to try it. Sometimes all of our baggage follows us everywhere. We take it home to our families and let it run around the living room with no pants on screaming at us about how terrible we are at life. But that’s really not fair, or true. If you’re reading this post right now, you’re infinitely more blessed than almost anyone else in the history of mankind (seriously, history has been a bitch).

That little mind game has been a breath of fresh air for me. I’d tell you more about the negative thoughts it has freed me from, but that shit’s in a duffel bag in a ditch by the rock sign until tomorrow morning. For a little added fun, I designed my duffel bag to look a little bit like a BodyBag just to freak anyone out who might happen upon my imaginary creation (how trippy would that be?).

I wish you all a safe week and a great holiday weekend. If you’re carrying too much baggage with you today, go find a ditch to throw it in.