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I F#$@%*& Hate Cooling Towers… Let me explain. I don’t actually hate the existence of cooling towers. I hate that they break down and fail sometimes. If you’ve read my book, you likely remember why I’m so sensitive about it (and if you haven’t read the book, you probably should). In the meantime, while you’re waiting for your new copy to arrive, I’ll get you up to speed. Some people like to… Read More

If the safety profession were a gym it would be Planet Fitness That’s mean. Planet Fitness isn’t that bad… OK, now that I’ve turned away anyone who can’t take a joke let me get to the point. But please excuse me if I lose my train of thought while I indulge in pizza and Tootsie Rolls (seriously, Planet Fitness gives those out… and bagels). Anyway… those of you who aren’t gym rats… Read More

Not everything is mutually exclusive As you can imagine, I get a wide variety of comments based on the things I post here on Relentless Safety. Most of it is good, encouraging, and helps drive the conversation. Some people resort to personal attacks when they disagree. Especially when I’m feeling feisty and post things like THIS… or THIS. Don’t worry, no one has made me cry yet. I find it entertaining. One… Read More

I’m just going to come right out say it. This subject straight pisses me off. When we go around talking about how awesome our companies are at safety because we’ve got low incident rates it equates to pissing on the grave of every worker who has died at our facilities. There is no correlation and the games we play to get “good” are just disgusting. Interpreting the grey areas in CFR 1904… Read More

My house was built in 1994. That means, aside from having very mature trees in the yard, everything inside is beige, gold, and scattered with built-ins. As far as the fixtures go, we have some updating to do. But the built-ins are pretty useful, even if they’re a little old. The first one we used when we moved in was the kitchen table (for pizza on move-in day when all of the… Read More

Lets just dispense with the pleasantries There are two things rolling around in my head right now. The first is the realization that this is my 50th post on Relentless Safety. For some reason that number is one that feels significant. A hill that has been intimidating to climb. This blog has been has been an introspective journey to be sure, and I’ve put more than a little bit of pressure on… Read More

Perhaps the reason managers won’t make time to send their people to training is because they find no value in what we have to say.

I’ve always known that nothing I do will make someone else behave safely or follow any given rule. But I’ve also known that my responsibility is to instill the importance and reasoning (the “why”) behind those directives.

If someone who worked for you today was asked to explain the thing that most impressed them about your leadership would they have a story to tell?

Of course, I’m talking about Ph probes used for recording scientific data. Are there even any other kinds of probes?

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