Relentless Safety


Emails don’t have tone, right? Sure. Ice cream doesn’t have any carbs either. I read an email recently that had been sent to an entire company. It was written by some corporate guy with some letters behind his name and a fancy safety title. That part wasn’t too offensive (I have some fancy letters too). I might have even been able to overlook the scores of grammatical errors. But I couldn’t get… Read More

Be direct, be concise, and say what you mean.

I thought about calling this one “proudity edition,” but I doubt many would appreciate the irony… A thought occurred to me the other day whilst (I’m using that word for my UK Friends, and also for the fact that I’ve been using a pic of Shakespeare in this series) I was pondering our state of being in the safety world. When you think about it, ours is really a weird profession. Seriously…… Read More

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