Relentless Safety


Is common practice… common sense? I know, I know. There’s no such thing as common sense. I can already hear the trolls taking a deep breath to strike me down with their intellectual superiority at the mere mention of something so banal. (Pretty sure most of them just had to look up that last word as well) Well, guess what? I don’t believe in common sense either. Save your breath ye dwellers… Read More

We take too much for granted… I’ve got a couple posts in the wings that I think are pretty impactful. In the interest of making sure I give them the attention they deserve I’m going to hold back. But this topic is no less important. It’s something I routinely emphasize when training a new group of employees. Especially those who don’t have a ton of experience (i.e. young people… this week was… Read More

I’ve always known that nothing I do will make someone else behave safely or follow any given rule. But I’ve also known that my responsibility is to instill the importance and reasoning (the “why”) behind those directives.

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