Relentless Safety


Don’t get squeamish yet, I won’t start there Monday was my first morning gym session after a couple months of sporadic workouts after work. Most of my inconsistency was due to my own lack of motivation but kicked into high gear when my workout partner, Kevin (first mentioned in THIS POST), transitioned to night shift. As a result, both of us went on a bit of a hiatus. That isn’t really that… Read More

Sometimes it helps to be vertically challenged. I’ll get to the B&E in a bit. This story popped into my head yesterday as I was conversing with a contact of mine in Ireland. Among other things, he and I were talking about the recent trend around mental-health first aid. I’m not going to get too deep into my thoughts about that topic. For one thing, it terrifies me to think that a… Read More

Don’t get angry when no one does it Over the past few days I’ve spent a good amount of time working with employees who were preparing demonstrations for an annual safety committee exhibition. One group of maintenance technicians put together a crazy-good display that demonstrated how to properly use fall arrest systems and select adequate anchor points for tie off. In planning for it, we had some great conversations about falling. They… Read More

Shameless plug time: This is a topic I harped on for pages in my book. If you like these posts (or even if you don’t but you’re willing to consider a different opinion), I think you’ll enjoy it. A Practical Guide to the Safety Profession: The Relentless Pursuit is available at Amazon (affiliate link), Barnes & Noble, CRC Press, and tons of other obscure websites I’ve never heard of (don’t get a… Read More

More specifically, the “O” word… For some, this might seem like preaching to the choir. Others have made a safety career out of fear mongering through the threat of legal action from OSHA. Since that statement alone is likely to garner some hate, let me just say this: If someone’s best argument for why safety should be done is because “OSHA says so,” they probably don’t have a very good grasp on… Read More

Read and heed if you want to avoid death threats Everyone who’s worked on a construction site has met the iron-fisted superintendent in this story (figuratively at least, I’m sorry if you’ve ever met the real guy). We’ll call him… Craig. Just like the villain in some of my previous posts. My apologies to any nice guys named Craig. Anyhoo Craig, as you can imagine, was a special kind of awful. He… Read More

It happens every night On my way home from work, getting to my neighborhood requires turning left from a main highway. Every night as I signal my turn, pull to the middle of the lane, and slow down, the car behind me rushes past on the right. It’s a maneuver that saves maybe 0.02 seconds of commute time (we live in a small town, so “traffic” isn’t really a hindrance). Every time… Read More

There are too many zealots out there I had a great conversation about that very topic yesterday while making some exciting plans for an upcoming podcast. I’m going to keep that under wraps for now, but the conversation was refreshing. Every so often I talk to someone of like mind and realize that I’m not the only one pushing the kind safety I advocate for in this blog. That’s actually an understatement,… Read More

I do believe we need to tell better stories if we want to be more relatable as safety professionals.

There’s not all that much new material out there in this field. Sure, OSHA updates a regulation on crystalline silica once every 30 years or so, but that’s not really something that excites the average Joe.

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