Relentless Safety


Just not the mouth to mouth part… HR won’t approve “Jason!” our new safety manager, Wally, hovered over my desk and studied my name tag. “Your name sounds familiar.” In my mind I flashed back through the half dozen or so times I had introduced myself to him at various company events through the years. At least one of those times he had spilled his gin and tonic on me, so his… Read More

Titles don’t equal wisdom “Well, Sergeant. I don’t know what’s wrong with you. But you’re young. You’ll get better.” Those words will echo in my head for the rest of my life. The phone call I had two years later with the same Air Force Major who said them to me was even more astounding. He was the only podiatrist on base and had been “treating” me for what he considered phantom… Read More

Chill… it’s a metaphor. Don’t kick dogs. This is a tale of two Jasons. One was me. The other was… another guy named Jason. Henceforth I will call him #2 (or The Deuce). #2 and I are still friends to this day, and this story isn’t really about him per se. Regardless, though, at the time this happened he was a pretty big slacker. We both worked in the support office of… Read More

I’m just going to come right out say it. This subject straight pisses me off. When we go around talking about how awesome our companies are at safety because we’ve got low incident rates it equates to pissing on the grave of every worker who has died at our facilities. There is no correlation and the games we play to get “good” are just disgusting. Interpreting the grey areas in CFR 1904… Read More

Spoiler Alert: You can’t. I’ve heard that question repeatedly over the years, delivered with varied levels of hostility. The one that’s stuck in my head was a quick conversation with an employee who was new to her position. At the time, I was new in my role as well. And working in an unfamiliar industry. When she asked, I had my pre-programmed response locked and loaded. Looking back I probably came off… Read More

There’s a cat and mouse game every new military member struggles to learn. It’s one of those things that probably doesn’t matter all that much, but after hundreds of hours of customs and courtesies are drilled into your head, you tend to sweat the small stuff. Sometimes that’s the difference between life and death, so the game certainly has it’s place. My wife (an Army vet) often reminds me that the other… Read More

What kind of leader thinks it’s OK to stand up in front of a bunch of people (safety pros or not) and say that he knows the future?

Maybe our time would be better spent investing in things that help prevent injuries instead of trying to play doctor after they happen. Maybe.

If someone who worked for you today was asked to explain the thing that most impressed them about your leadership would they have a story to tell?

Taking the path of less resistance and sticking with the status quo is a tempting option when faced with making a tough choice and standing against all odds just to maintain your integrity. Especially when there’s no guarantee you’ll make the right choice.

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