Sometimes Positivity Loses

Remember that old phrase about too much of anything???

Scroll through any social site you want these days and you’ll likely find two things. After you wade through the parade of wannabe insta-models awkwardly contorting themselves to get likes you’ll find another, almost endless barrage of sunshine and rainbow posts designed to help keep you motivated through “these unprecedented times.” If I see another one I may start pooping glitter soft-serve like the unicorn on the Squatty Potty commercial. I get it, keep your chin up. Blah blah blah.

Enter Reality…

Life sucks sometimes. Jobs suck sometimes. And you know what EVERYONE is struggling with something. Denial and “positive thoughts” doesn’t change that. Some things don’t get better, and people need to learn how to cope with that.

I had a conversation the other day with my friend Tony Taylor that made me think about this quite a bit. He and I were discussing the idea that despite both of us having a solid social presence (on LinkedIn in particular), the idea of ever posting that we were “looking for work” is terrifying. 

But why?

Isn’t that what LinkedIn is for?

Like seriously, bro… Are you ok?

I remember posting years ago about feeling alone in the safety profession at times. I think the post had something to do with feeling like a “man without a country.” The post pre-dated this blog by quite a bit and I was surprised by the responses. Rather than people engaging in conversation about feeling similar (or not), the responses were mostly people either A) “Checking to see if I was OK” or B) People who wanted to make it clear that they were too good at their jobs to ever feel that way. It was a disappointing thread, but I never forgot about it (obviously).

There’s a Gary Vee clip that’s been circling around for a few weeks where he states that people are too wrapped up in positive comments (Google it… if you can’t find it, just watch whatever else comes up and thank me later). He’s definitely got a point. Life isn’t all roses and butterflies. We all have to deal with that… and keep moving forward.