LEADERSHIP FROM THE SAFETY PERSPECTIVE (Can be delivered in-person or virtually)

This is a one-of-a-kind interactive event that will challenge the thinking of anysafety practitioner.Throughout the course, attendees will be asked to look at safetyfrom a “new view” lens while drawing upon their own unique knowledge, skills, andexperiences.The course guides attendees through a provocative “look in the mirror” aimed athighlighting opportunities to grow in this profession. It examines leadership byoutlining several thought-provoking case studies in which participants must identifyhidden hazards and make a plan to execute tasks safely.While immersed in activities and examples which are firmly rooted in safety,attendees will be introduced to the concept that leadership doesn’t need subtitles(Safety, Quality, etc.). By the end of the session, anyone who participates will beinspired to learn more about their business and possess new tools thatwill help bring value to it.

THE STUPID SIMPLE TOOLKIT(Can be delivered in-person or virtually)
Clients will be guided step by step through the “The Stupid Simple Tool Kit” described in Jason A. Maldonado’s best-selling book A Practical Guide to the Safety Profession: The Relentless Pursuit.The Stupid Simple Toolkit consists of those mind-numbingly obvious skills (communication, writing, strategic thinking, etc.) every safety practitioner should have but often lacks. They are the so-called “soft” skills that university EH&S programs just don’t dive into. But they’re desperately needed in this field. Attendees will be consumed by colorful stories and obscure parallels between safety and the real world. But in the end, everyone will leave with at least one new “Stupid Simple” tool that can be taken back to their organization and used immediately (no additional investment required).
This service is aimed toward anyone whose job requires communication through the written word. Learn how to use the proven techniques and proprietary Relentless Safety formula for researching, drafting, editing Standards, Procedures, and Guidelines that workers can (and actually will) use.
Don’t want to do it yourself? Let Relentless Safety turn your company’s status-quo safety program in to a results-driven process. Compliance is only the first step toward world-class performance. Let us get you there by diving into how your work works to build a program that is operable in the real world, not just on paper.

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