LEADERSHIP FROM THE SAFETY PERSPECTIVE (Can be delivered in-person or virtually)

This is a one-of-a-kind interactive event that will challenge the thinking of any safety practitioner. Throughout the course, attendees will be asked to look at safety from a ?new view? lens while drawing upon their own unique knowledge, skills, and experiences. The course guides attendees through a provocative ?look in the mirror? aimed at highlighting opportunities to grow in this profession. It examines leadership by outlining several thought-provoking case studies in which participants must identify hidden hazards and make a plan to execute tasks safely. While immersed in activities and examples which are firmly rooted in safety, attendees will be introduced to the concept that leadership doesn?t need subtitles(Safety, Quality, etc.). By the end of the session, anyone who participates will be inspired to learn more about their business and possess new tools that will help bring value to it.