A Tractor, An Idiot, and a Dust Mask

Spoiler alert: I'm the idiot in this story...

I have to admit I’ve been pretty delinquent with posts lately. With so much happening day to day in the world that it’s easy to blink and realize it’s been weeks since the last time you did something “normal.” That thought popped into my head a few days ago when I passed a man driving a tractor on my way home.

He was cutting grass near the edge of road and stirring up quite a bit of dust. As you might imagine, dust is annoying, and not fun to breathe. BUT… My first thought when I caught a glimpse of the dust mask he was wearing was: “What an idiot! You don’t need to wear a mask when there’s no one around!!”

I quickly came to my senses and remembered that he was actually wearing the mask for its INTENDED purpose. But the dramatic shift in my thinking was a little alarming. It made me wonder how much of our safety thinking is being held hostage by outside influences. Maybe it’s time to clear our heads and take a fresh look at what’s going on around us at home, at work, at home again (since there isn’t much “at play” going on these days) and remember our roots.

Are you still making informed decisions about safety and risk? Or has your judgement been clouded like mine was? I think it’s worth considering.

Have a great week!